TryHackMe: Linux Fundamentals Part 1 Walkthrough

Get introduced to the Linux basics by learning how to use fundamentally important commands. Put this into practice by deploying and accessing your own remote (web-based) Linux machine. You can access the room through this link:

Hi everyone, I am Mrinal Prakash aka EMPHAY and today I would take you to the walkthrough of the room “Linux Fundamentals Part 1” on TryHackme which is a beginner friendly room and the first part of the linux fundamental series.

Lets go ahead and deploy the machine and then we will see out first task what does it say.

TASK 1: Intro

This room is the first part in the Linux Fundamental rooms designed to teach you about various Linux concepts, and in-built tools. This room covers the following topics:

  • Introduction To Linux
  • Executing Commands and Man Pages
  • Basic File Operators

If you want to SSH into the machine, connect to our network and use the following SSH login credentials:
Username: shiba1
Password: shiba1
Logging into a machine via SSH is covered in the Linux Fundamentals 2 room.

  1. Read the above.
    No Answers needed
  2. Deploy the machine attached to this task!
    No Answers needed

TASK 2: Methodology

  1. Read the above.
    No Answers needed

TASK 3: [Section 2: Running Commands] — Basic Command Execution

  1. Read the above.
    No Answers needed

TASK 4: [Section 2: Running Commands] — Manual Pages and Flags

  1. How would you output hello without a newline
    echo -n hello

TASK 5: [Section 3: Basic File Operations] — ls

  1. What flag outputs all entries
  2. What flag outputs things in a “long list” format

TASK 6: [Section 3: Basic File Operations] — cat

  1. What flag numbers all output lines?

TASK 7: [Section 3: Basic File Operations] — touch

  1. Read the above!
    No Answers needed

TASK 8: [Section 3: Basic File Operations] — Running A Binary

  1. How would you run a binary called hello using the directory shortcut . ?
  2. How would you run a binary called hello in your home directory using the shortcut ~ ?
  3. How would you run a binary called hello in the previous directory using the shortcut .. ?

TASK 9: Binary — Shiba1

  1. What’s the password for shiba2

TASK 10: su

  1. How do you specify which shell is used when you login?
  • s {shell-name} : Specify your login shell name. You can obtained list of available shell from /etc/shells file.

TASK 11: Linux Fundamentals 2

  1. Join the Linux Fundamentals 2 room, and continue your learning journey:
    No Answers needed

Hope you all enjoyed going through this walkthrough. If you like my article clap for me and do follow me as well. Till then goodbye and Happy Hacking.

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